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Premier Property Security Inc. is the most trusted security guard company in Los Angeles and all Southern California. We provide the best security services. Our co-founder David J. is a member of the National Polygraph Association. He is a BSIS licensed Baton and Firearms instructor and Private Patrol Operator with over 20 years of diverse experience, including directing and coordinating operations with Federal State, and Local law enforcement agencies.

At Premier Property Security Inc., we take pride in protecting customers and customer's property. Whether it is your residential property, commercial property, bussines or events we have the guards to protect them all. We provide services 24/7. IF YOU HAVE AN UNEXPECTED EVENT WE CAN PROVIDE UP TO TWO GUARDS WITHIN TWO HOURS NOTICE.
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Our Services
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The best trained and efficient guards are always ready to protect your commercial property or business. They will help you create a safe environment for your customers and employees. We have the guards that you can rely on.
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Professionally trained guards will protect your residence and safeguard its surrounding areas. Our guards are reliable and will work with you to meet your security guarding needs.
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Special Event Services
We have the best trained Guards for any special event. Wheter it is a bussines, family, or any clebration event we got you covered. We have un-uniformed guards that will blend in your events to keep you safe.
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Lost & Prevention Guards
We have the most efficient Guards for any special event. Whether it is a business, family, or any celebration event, we got you covered. We have un-uniformed guards that will blend in your activities to keep you safe.
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Uniform& Non-Uniformed Guards
We have both Un-uniform to be discrete and don't get too much attention or fully uniformed to give confidence to your employees or event attendees.
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Emergency and Unexpected Events
If you need security for and emergency event or an unexpected event, we can help you. We can provide up to two guards within two hours' notice.
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